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Sky Diamonds

          Sky Diamonds is home to the world's largest collection of Swiss luxury watches. We place our customers first in every aspect. Sky Diamonds is the leading expert in watches and has been trading watches for over a decade. We place our customers first to establish strong, long lasting relationships with our collectors & partners. We believe Horological collecting is an art-form and should be a therapeutic process, we help create a hassle free trading enviroment for piece of mind. Sky Diamonds ships to every port world-wide and uses special guarded shipping for pieces over $100,000 for utmost protection and satisfaction an no extra charge. Sky Diamonds has a team of professional watchmakers who have been in the industry for over a decade. We are happy to connect with you if you like to inquire or propose a price suggestion. Please feel free to reach out over the Chrono24 messenger. Lastly unike other vendors, Sky Diamonds uses In-house photographers with DSLR in-deapth phtoos on a dark background so you see the most possible detail. 


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Sky Diamonds

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