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How to Win Friends With a Watch

By Chrono24

By Konstantin Startsev

Watches aren’t just popular accessories that tell the time. With the right watch on your wrist, you can easily make new acquaintances, win people over, and forge new business relationships!

A watch is a very important item for many people. It’s not just an accessory, a piece of jewelry, a status symbol, a way to tell the time, or an investment, it’s a means of communication! Seeing a specific watch on someone’s wrist can tell you a lot about what they love, their values, the outward impression they want to make, and even how sincere they are. In fact, I know some people who deliberately take their watch off before meetings to prevent others from pinpointing their character, or they put on a smartwatch, making it harder to tell what kind of person they are.

Making new friends has become increasingly difficult over the years for many different reasons, but getting to know a person with a watch on their wrist is much more straightforward. And for our women readers, men love hearing compliments about their watches. So, if you see someone wearing an interesting timepiece, strike up a conversation – easy peasy!

1. Compliment His Watch

I’m firmly convinced that anyone who is wearing a mechanical watch in the 21st century is prepared to talk about it. After all, consciously choosing to wear a watch that only shows the time – not even accurately – says something about a person’s hobbies and interests. It’s never a bad idea to say, “Wow, what a wonderful model!”, “Is that from this year’s collection?”, or “You must have good taste if you chose that watch!”. If you don’t know your way around watches, you can simply say, “What a beautiful watch! What brand is that?”, “I recently read an article about watches and I think your watch was in it!”, or “That watch looks so good on you!” – you get the gist. As Dale Carnegie reminds us, the main thing is to be sincere. People can feel it. In 99% of cases, the individual will be happy to hear the question or comment and will gladly start up a conversation. The exception to this rule is people who wear very expensive timepieces (they’re always tense) or fake watches (they’re afraid of being exposed).

2. Take Off Your Watch and Exchange

According to the unwritten rules of watch conversation, each person should take off their watch and offer it to the other. This is almost a ritual. If you offer first, it should prompt your conversation partner to reciprocate. Hold the watch lightly in your hands and turn it over, noting the fine finishing on the bridges, the way it comfortably sits on the wrist, etc. If you aren’t thinking of buying the watch, it’s better to avoid turning the crown or pressing the chronograph buttons – look with your eyes. There is potential for magic to happen in these moments. If the brands (and models!) of your watches happen to match, then there’s the possibility that you will instantly move from mere acquaintances to best buddies! I have experienced this many times myself, and am still in close contact with some people I’ve met this way. Therefore, my advice is to only buy and wear watches that you personally like. Don’t follow the latest fashions and trends; express yourself through your watch!

Take off your watch and hand it to the other person to start the conversation.

3. Discuss Watch News & Mutual Acquaintances

The next logical step in this hypothetical conversation is to discuss industry news and see if you have any mutual acquaintances. Talk about the release of new models, upcoming trade shows, auctions, brand ambassadors, opening of boutiques, visits to manufacturing ateliers, etc., and see if you have any mutual acquaintances, e.g., collectors or directors of boutiques and brands. If you don’t know anyone personally, you can always turn to the subject of popular journalists and bloggers. This is also a good time to show a photo of your watch, ask for advice, and discuss any upcoming purchases.

4. Introduce Yourself and Ask About Their Occupation

It’s kind of funny, but when you meet people who are passionate about watches, the rules of etiquette change slightly. This is the point at which you’d usually introduce yourself. It’s important to not only mention your work, but also how your interest in watches began and how it’s developed. You can, of course, share how your watch helped you make connections in your career; it’s not uncommon for one’s areas of interest to overlap like this.

5. Find Common Ground for Mutual Benefit

See if there are any ways you could be helpful to one another, be it advice, contacts, etc. This isn’t limited to the watch industry. If this isn’t a spontaneous meeting between strangers, but rather a planned event, be sure you are aware of the individual’s interests and activities. Talking about watches can help establish a friendly, informal atmosphere, and you can dive in to more serious business matters from there. If you’re only interested in finding a like-minded friend, then the meeting can still be plenty useful. Exchange the names and contact details of workshops, watchmakers, and stores selling straps and travel boxes. Discuss the best place to buy watches online and your personal experiences.

6. Invite Your New Friend to Meet Up at the Next Watch Event

Watch events are a great place to connectIf you’re an experienced collector, it’s likely that you’re invited to all the latest boutique openings and brand parties in your area. If you’re the only one with an invitation, share the info with your new acquaintance (they would likely reciprocate if they were in your position). There is also ample opportunity to deepen your connection even at a first meeting. You could arrange to introduce your spouses, for example, and see if they have anything in common.

That’s it! You have now found and won a new friend who shares your passion for watches! Have you ever experienced anything like this?

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