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What is the ChronoPulse watch index?

ChronoPulse is a price indicator for the global secondary watch market.

As a watch index, ChronoPulse provides valuable insights into watch price trends since January 2019. Based on a point system and over 600,000 transactions, and validated by industry experts, ChronoPulse analyzes the performance of the 14 watch brands (140 individual models) with the highest transaction volume on the pre-owned market. ChronoPulse is based on real sales figures and data collected from Chrono24's 20-year history.

ChronoPulse is global. ChronoPulse is a publicly accessible and easy-to-use watch index, enabling everyone to understand historical and current price trends and the influence of specific watch models. Thanks to its global reach and detailed data from around the world, this accurate model is the number one source of valuable insights into the ever-evolving luxury watch market.

ChronoPulse is transparent. As the world's leading marketplace for luxury watches, Chrono24 is the foremost authority in the luxury watch sector. Now it's possible to see what's been created after years of working with watch data: a precise model representing the entire market – a Dow Jones for pre-owned luxury watches.

ChronoPulse is competent. ChronoPulse was developed in collaboration with respected watch experts, data analysts, and industry insiders. The panel of experts includes watch specialist Kristian Haagen, vintage watch dealer Eric Wind, economics professor Brendan Cunningham, watch collector Jack Wong, and watch journalist Sharmila Bertin. The watch index thus provides a sound basis for an overview of the global watch market.

ChronoPulse is predictive. The watch index shows the price trends of over 140 models from a range of luxury watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega. This indicator helps users to quickly recognize the best time to buy, and whether a watch is suitable as an investment or has the potential to increase in value.

Watch brands in the index

ChronoPulse tracks the price trends of the most important models from brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and Audemars Piguet, as well as ten other luxury watch brands. This allows investors to track the performance of watches such as the Rolex Submariner, Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and Omega Seamaster, as well as many other brands and models, on a daily basis.

Index points

The ChronoPulse points system is used to measure the performance of the market as a whole or a particular manufacturer, independent of the individual prices of the watches included in the index. The calculation begins for all indices on 01.01.2019 with a fixed starting value of 1,000 points. Index changes show how much the watches in it have changed by a certain percentage. The use of points offers a standardized means of comparing the development of indices with one another, regardless of the price range of the watches included.

What does the watch market index mean to investors?

Bull or bear: ChronoPulse provides a transparent daily update on whether the global watch market is rising or falling. Investors can use the index to track how certain brands and their most important models are performing. This makes ChronoPulse the ideal tool for spotting market trends and determining the right time to invest. Available to everyone, at any time, free of charge.

Is the watch index a reliable indicator of the performance of the pre-owned watch market?

ChronoPulse is a reliable indicator for valuations on the pre-owned watch market. The index covers a significant proportion of Chrono24's total global sales. ChronoPulse therefore has a broad base and an optimal level of protection, even in the event of strong fluctuations in individual values.