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Welcome to East Coast Time, where luxury is timeless. For 25 years we have specialized in high-end luxury time pieces and jewelry, while delivering quality services to a wide variety of clientele. We pride ourselves in our ability to acquire nearly every available high-end brand on the market while providing competitive prices that others cannot offer.

We acquire our inventory from independent distributors that are a private network of suppliers which we have established for many years. Doing this gives us the freedom to price our items at our discretion and carry multiple luxury brands. If we were an authorized dealer, we wouldn't be able to offer you the substantial variety of brands and discounts which we are able to offer. Regardless, we guarantee the authenticity on all our timepieces and our goal is to maintain prices as low as possible as well as delivering the highest customer service.

We also have many watch brands not displayed on our site. If you are searching for a watch that is not displayed on our site, chances are we can source it and offer it at a very competitive price. We pride ourselves on our direct relationships within the industry and our access to unique inventory is second to none.

East Coast Time is one of the largest suppliers of luxury watches in the United States. We also have one of the largest dealer networks of any online retailer and typically have any watch you are looking for in stock or can find it within a matter of days. We encourage you to call us and speak to us when shopping for a luxury timepiece.

The watches we offer are from direct authorized dealers & agents. The watches you buy from East Coast Time are identical in all respects to the watches you would buy from an authorized dealer - with the exception of the warranty. Although we may not be able to supply the original warranty, we substitute the manufacturers warranty with an East Coast Time warranty for two years from the date of purchase on NEW items. The East Coast Time warranty covers manufacturing defects & battery replacement if necessary. The specific warranty terms are provided for each individual watch we sell.

East Coast Time is NOT a virtual showroom. We maintain a beautiful, full service showroom in Philadelphia, PA. We invite you to not only visit us on the web but to stop by and inspect the wide variety of time pieces we have on display in our showroom. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to pick up the phone or email us for a prompt response.

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East Coast Time

1737 Chestnut Street
Suite 201
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Tel.: [+1] 215-355-3585

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